3. Trade Marks


3.2 Renewals:


(1)            Applications for renewals may be filed at any time not more than three months before the expiration of the last registration of a trade mark

(2)            Renewed registrations sustain their validity for a period of 14 years.

(3)            Where the trade mark to be renewed was not initially registered by our firm, a notarised and legalised power of attorney authorising us to renew the registration is required. 

(4)            No other documents are required for renewing a registration. However where the name or address of the proprietor has been changed since registration, applications for recording the change should be filed before filing the application for renewal or simultaneously with it. The procedure for applications for recording the change of name or address of the proprietor is dealt with in paragraph 3.4 below.

(5)            Where the renewal fee is not paid by the date of expiration of the registration, the fact is published in the Official Gazette by the Registrar of Trade Marks, and the registration may be renewed within two months of the date of such publication by paying a late registration fee.

(6)            If the renewal fee is not paid at the expiration of two months from the date of the publication the trade mark is removed  from the Register, but in an appropriate case, e.g. where a third party has not in the meantime applied for the registration of the mark in his name, it may be restored to the Register by paying the appropriate fee.