3. Trade Marks


3.6 Registered Users – Licences:



(1)            Applications for the registration of Registered Users are made on the prescribed form which should be signed both by the proprietor of the trade mark and the proposed Registered User or by our firm if authorised by notarised and legalised  powers of attorney made by the licensor and the licensee.

(2)            Applications should be accompanied by a Statement of Case drawn up by the proprietor or on its behalf by our firm, giving particulars of the relationship existing or proposed between the proprietor and the proposed registered user, including particulars showing–


(a)            the degree of control by the proprietor over the permitted use;

(b)            whether it is a term of the relationship that the proposed registered user shall be the sole registered user or that there shall be any other restriction as to persons for whose registration as registered users application may be made;

(c)            The goods in respect of which registration is proposed;

(d)            any conditions or restrictions proposed with respect to the characteristics of the goods, to the mode or place of permitted use, or to any other matter; and

(e)            Whether the permitted use is to be for a period or without limit of period, and, if for a period, its duration, and any conditions regulating the  termination of permitted use.


(3)            The application should also be accompanied by an Affidavit sworn by the proprietor or on its behalf by our firm verifying the truth of the Statement of Case.

(4)            An address for service for the registered user may be recorded free of charge if requested on the prescribed form accompanying the application for the registration of the registered user.

(5)            The application should also be accompanied by a notarised and legalised copy of the Licence Agreement giving effect to the appointment of the registered user.