3. Trade Marks

3.3. Recording of Assignments:


(1)            Devolution of title by assignment or merger is recorded in the Register of Trade Marks upon application in the prescribed manner.

(2)            A simple form of Deed of Assignment or Deed of Merger evidencing the assignment or merger, as the case may be, is acceptable by the Registrar for the purpose of recording the devolution of title in the new proprietorís name.

(3)           The Deed of Assignment or the Deed of Merger to accompany the application should be notarised and legalised.

(4)            A notarised and legalised power of attorney executed by the assignee or the surviving proprietor or the new proprietor authorising our firm to have the devolution of title recorded is required.

(5)            It is advisable to have a devolution of title by assignment or merger recorded promptly, because a small increase in official charges takes place if recordal is made after six months of the assignment or merger, with another small increase if made after twelve months of the assignment or merger.

(6)            A local address for service is recorded free of charge if an application for recording the address for service is filed together with the application for the registration of the devolution of title.

(7)            Applications for registering the assignment of the Trade Mark to the new proprietor should preferably be accompanied by the original Certificate of Registration of the Trade Mark so that the devolution of title may be endorsed on the reverse side of the Certificate in addition to registration in the Register of Trade Marks.