4. Patents:

4.1. Patents are registered in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the basis of U.K. Patent Grants or EU patent grants validated in the UK and the privileges and rights conferred by a patent registered in North Cyprus continue to be in force so long as the British patent remains in force.

4.2. Any person being the grantee of a British patent or a EU patent validated in the UK may apply in the prescribed manner within three years from the date of the sealing of the patent or its validation in the UK, to have such patent registered in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

4.3. Applications for registration of patents should be accompanied     by- 

        (1) A power of attorney; and

        (2) Two copies of the specification or specifications (including drawings if any) of the UK patent or the EU patent validated in the UK.

(3) A certificate of the UK Patent Office giving full particulars of the grant of the patent on such specification or specifications.

        (4)  One copy of the UK Patent Certificate or UK validation certificate.

4.4. All documents should be notarised and legalised.