3. Trade Marks


3.1 Registration Procedure:


(1)            Trade marks are registered for an initial period of 7 years, thereafter renewable for periods of 14 years.

(2)            Only trade marks relating to goods are registered. Service marks are not yet registerable.

(3)            Applications should state the name, address, description, the country of incorporation of the proprietor; if the proprietor is a partnership the names of all partners, the goods for which registration is sought and the international class of goods to be registered .

(4)            Applications should be accompanied by a power of attorney on the prescribed form which should be notarised and legalised. A specimen power of attorney is attached for downloading if required.

(5)            No prints of the mark need be supplied to us where a plain word mark is to be registered.  In other cases 15 prints are required.

(6)            A local address for service is required, and is supplied by our firm.

(7)            Examination of the applications by the Registrar of the Trade Marks is undertaken by batches of 100 applications at a time, and is normally concluded within 12 18 months.

(8)            At the conclusion of the examination the Registrar communicates to the applicant his intention to refuse registration, or to register the mark unconditionally, or to register it subject to conditions or limitations or disclaimers.

(9)            Where the Registrar intends to refuse registration or to register it subject to conditions, limitations, disclaimers the applicant may file an objection stating the grounds of his objection. Objections should be filed within two months from the date of the receipt of the communication of the Registrar.

(10)      The decision of the Registrar is subject to appeal to the Court where the applicant is not satisfied with his decision.

(11)      Following the clearance of objections, if any, the trade marks are advertised in the Official Gazette and any aggrieved third party may oppose registration within two months of publication, in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Trade Marks Law and Regulations.

(12)      At the expiration of two months from the date of the publication of the advertisements Certificates of Registration are issued in respect of marks that have not been subject to any successful opposition.